Mastering the New Normal of Video Interviewing

April 30, 2018

Mastering the New Normal of Video Interviewing

Some interview rules have changed while others remain when live video takes over.

Hiring looks different nowadays. With businesses practicing social distancing as much as possible, traditional interviews have gone out and virtual exchanges have come in with video calling. Here are ways to master the virtual interview new normal.

Practice the “route” to avoid technical difficulties

Make sure the correct tool for the video interview is downloaded, you have an account and are signed in, and you know how to use the technology. Virtual meetings can also be annoying if they you face freezing frames, lagging audio and dropped calls.

Help ensure that your virtual meeting goes smoothly by asking others in your home to avoid using high-bandwidth activities like streaming videos during the time of your interview. If WiFi is still an issue, use hotspot mobile data as a back-up.

Pay attention to your presence

While you are at home, do remember to dress up, look professional and be confident. Presentation matters in an interview, and in a virtual interview that includes having an uncluttered and professional wall/background. Sit up straight and hold a proper upright body posture. You can even note your breathing. Inhale from your diaphragm, which prevents you from hunching over. Practice how you’re going to present eye contact, facial gestures, and even the way you listen to the interviewer.

Pay attention to how you are going to carry yourself during the interview, show enthusiasm and confidently lead with skills.

Conduct a mock virtual interview

Confidence in interviewing takes practice. This is also true for acclimating to a virtual interview format. Practice by conducting a mock interview over video with a friend or an old colleague.

Send a timely follow-up

A timely follow-up can help reinforce a good impression after the interview. Send an email note to recruiters stating what made you feel connected to the position and how the interviewers helped you understand the role better. This can reinforce what others thought of you. You don’t need to say too much in this to stand out in the digital flood of information. In this format, many of the same interviewing techniques apply while new challenges arise at the same time. Don’t expect perfection. Interviewers are likely going through the same struggles as you are. Preparation to adapt, however, to the new medium will show another layer of skill and can work in your favour.