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World of Work Insights

Our thought leadership explores the issues, trends and challenges impacting organizations and individuals around the globe.

Human Age 2.0 - Future Forces at Work

The Great Recession and the protracted, uneven recovery reveal how longer-term structural trends have altered global markets. In this new normal, economies continue to grind in low gear, especially.

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Millennial Careers - 2020 Vision

More than half of job seekers across the globe feel an employer’s brand/reputation is more important today than it was five years ago. Read the latest research insights to understand the important trends and country-based differences driving today’s global candidates.

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Workforce Expertise

Our nearly 70 years of experience and expertise allow us to provide insights into the critical workforce issues facing companies every day.

Always Looking

Loyalty is one of the most desirable attributes in employees and potential employees. Yet, the rise of a new group known as “Continuous Candidates” can make retention more challenging. ManpowerGroup Solutions explores how employers can better understand the Continuous Candidate mindset and enhance their efforts to attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

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Data Driven Workforce Insights

Data-driven studies and research delivering insights for decision-making.

MEOS Third Quarter 2018

The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey for the third quarter 2018 was conducted by interviewing a representative sample of 5,029 employers in India. All survey participants were asked, “How do you anticipate total employment at your location to change in the three months to the end of December 2018 as compared to the current quarter?”

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EITEOS Survey India

Experis IT Employment Outlook Survey for the period Oct 2018 – March 2019, was conducted by interviewing around 550 IT employers across India. Outlook for employment, is better, with a lot of opportunities. Executives of the Indian IT companies are quite excited about hiring, new job roles and upskilling of existing employees. Job market is reviving in India with its accelerating growth trajectory among the world’s biggest economies.

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2018 Talent Shortage Release

ManpowerGroup has researched global talent shortages and their impact on the World of Work for over a decade. Employers have consistently reported difficulty hiring right-skilled talent, and this trend shows no sign of abating.

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Global Candidate Preference Report

The world is facing a growing talent shortage. Employers are struggling to attract and retain candidates, threatening productivity, efficiency and future growth. ManpowerGroup knows candidates. Through our ongoing Candidate Preferences Research, we explore an array of candidate behaviors and motivators aimed at helping organizations optimize their talent strategies.

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Contingent Workforce Index 2016 Global Analysis

The Contingent Workforce Index helps employers make informed decisions about their entire workforces by measuring and tracking the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining contingent workers in 75 countries.

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Planning for Uncertainty

For any organization, talent is a greatest asset but also a significant variable risk. Understanding the landscape of talent availability, planning for variation in demand and developing a framework that accounts for large-scale change and the impact of unexpected circumstances is key to remaining resilient and ensuring competitiveness and growth in a slow growth environment.

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