Leadership Development

Effective leadership separates successful companies from also-rans and is the driving force behind winning cultures. With an increasingly unpredictable, volatile & uncertain markets and growing levels of employee disengagement, employers are faced with a complex business environment. However, in nearly half of all companies, leaders are unprepared to meet the challenges they are expected to face in the next 3 to 5 years. It is indeed surprising to know that only 6% of organizations have identified future leaders internally to fill the gaps created by retiring employees. Hence organizations must invest in leadership development to drive sustainable change.

Right Management’s new P3 Leadership Development model provides an efficient, proven framework to help your organization:

  • Assess and identify individuals who have the greatest probability for success
  • Develop with coaching the behaviours that matter most
  • Define KPIs to ensure business and talent-related outcomes aligned with your goals

We have a proven approach to assist Organizations with identifying and developing future leaders, accelerate time to value and empower employees with the leadership skills they need to drive sustainable change.

With 35+ years of invaluable experience in working with our clients’ talent and development needs, Right Management has evolved its leadership development solutions that are designed to help you identify high-performing talent and develop skills and capabilities needed to improve productivity while retaining & engaging your workforce.

Our leadership development solutions include:

High Potential Talent Identification and Development

High Potential Talent Identification and Development

Through targeted assessments, we choose the high potential talent from various levels and based on the business goals and objectives we tailor development programs that bridges the gap of the missing skillsets.

Leader Coaching

Leader Coaching

  • We leverage the expertise of our Career Coaches to train the future leaders via our state-of-the-art RightEverywhere® online platform. This platform makes it convenient to impart knowledge anytime anywhere.
  • Our global network consist of more than 1,000 expert coaches with industry-specific expertise. You will empower your leadership team with resources they need to create stronger alignment to business goals, drive sustainable change and increase productivity.
Targeted Capability Development

Targeted Capability Development

We help leaders develop competencies and behaviours that align with strategic organizational objectives by focusing on learning. Our expertise in career management will ensure your leaders have the skills they need to thrive in the dynamic ever-changing work environment.

Accelerate time to value organizational performance by empowering your workforce with access to learning and development opportunities that will enhance their skills and capabilities.

Employees are engaged when companies have effective leadership. Among “highly engaged” respondents, 74% of the respondents rated immediate managers favorably.

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