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The journey of a global logistics company from struggling to hire and retain candidates to effectively managing attrition and skilled talent.

With presence in over 25 locations in India, this leading logistics provider has been in India for 20+ years providing specialized integrated logistics solutions worldwide.

During the festive season, this company had trouble keeping up with demand for deliveries and faced a talent shortage that forced them to reevaluate their supply chain. Better and more effective labour force was required to meet the growth in demand. Among the significant challenges were:
  • Shortage of manpower at the warehouse for product movement, adversely impacting their delivery.
  • Lack of an experienced talent pool to manage their peaks and valleys.
  • The warehouses' location in the outskirts of the city prevented them from attracting a skilled talent pool.
  • A compressed hiring timeline.
  • Mismanagement of shifts leading to overworked and disgruntled employees.

  • We did a complete market mapping and research on compensation regime, competition, and talent pool availability.
  • Based on the report, we designed a highly scalable workforce model with a blend of contractual staffing and automation.
  • We identified catchment areas and conducted recruitment drives to employ locals and attract talent from cities with attractive compensation packages.
  • With the help of the client, we created an efficient shift management strategy into the system to help workers thrive at work.

  • Revolutionized business processes, resulting in an increased net turnover.
  • Annual employee turnover was brought down.
  • Increased offer-to-joining ratio.
  • Integrated transparency in all communication channels for enhanced interaction.
  • Implemented new sourcing strategy to access untapped talent pool in the vicinity of the client location.