Pharmaceutical companies
Due to cost cutting and price reduction
legislations, pharmaceutical companies
need to reduce selling expenses in
order to remain profitable
Our client determined they needed to expand the effectiveness of sales promoter
teams to drive increased business in both large and small-scale hospitals, while
reducing the cost of this activity.
Manpower designed an outsourced
Each promoter undertakes a month of
contract sales solution to promote two
training, KPIs are set to meet a minimum
drug. While it was the first time
number of face to face visits and calls a
Manpower Korea undertook the
day with activity tracked through daily
outsourcing of sales to doctors and
logs on provided iPads.
hospitals, they were able to leverage our
global expertise in outsourced sales and
Manpower has two teams of 14 promoters
promotions contracts.
- each under the leadership of a master
team leader. This master team leader
The key to success was understanding
system resolves a number of legal issues
the key deliverables of the outsourced
related to outsourcing in Korea
sales force, ensuring the right team
were selected with the required
characteristics to meet these
Manpower was able to manage the same
Annual turnover was controlled to be
sales activities as the permanent
less than 10% - in a highly competitive
promoters team for 70% of the cost
Reduction in risk from rigid Korea labour
Manpower was able to manage the same
sales activities as the permanent
promoters team for 70% of the cost