Global FMCG Company
Our client, a global FMCG company,
had a decentralized distribution,
promotion and sales team approach.
They were engaging with many
different providers, across each
brand and region of India. Sales
teams were engaged through a variety
of different structures including as
temporary employees with numerous
staffing suppliers.
They were facing issues in tracking the
In addition to this, they faced a number
effectiveness of the sales team, as there
of risks to pay and employee benefit
was no centralized monitoring, reporting
- which led to low
or management structure.
attendance, high attrition and unethical
behaviour, significantly damaging the
brand in some markets.
ManpowerGroup undertook a pilot
logistics management, performance
program to recruit and manage a team
appraisals and audits as well as
of beauty advisors for a single brand in
marketing material coordination
5 metro markets. When this was a
Management information reports on
success, Manpower was awarded an
various deliverables were provided
outsourcing model for all beauty
frequently and on request.
advisors, which quickly expanded across
multiple brands and included a
Total headcount managed equal to 8000
restockist solution.
across beauty advisors and restockists.
Manpower provided a value added
service which included attendance
monitoring, re-engineering the incentive
program, managing the operations
through a structured team and ongoing
Reductions in attrition with 85 % of
associates are having employment
tenure of +2 years.
Sales achieved increased to 120 - 130%
of target per sales staff, from a low of 20%
Reduce in attrition with 85 %