Japanese Electronic Company
The client, a subsidiary of a large
Japanese electric company, was
facing difficulties with their door
to door sales force.
The company was unable to source
Additionally, no quotas or sales targets
high quality sales staff with experience
were set at any level - individual, team
to sell within the industry , due to a
or even at the group level. This led to
low base salary.
low motivation to succeed and an
incentive plan that was not defined.
Managers did not have the skills or
industry knowledge to develop the staff
Changing labour laws meant that these
they did have to be effective sellers.
staff could not be hired on temporary
contracts, and a permanent solution
needed to be found.
ManpowerGroup proposed an outsourc-
The sales team consisted of 200 people
ed model to the client. This entailed
including managers and team leaders.
moving the headcount to contract
ManpowerGroup developed a well
ManpowerGroup staff, and undertaking
defined incentive plan that was well
the sales and door to door promotional
above market, allowing them to recruit
activity on the clients behalf.
highly experienced sales executives and
On the job training delivered by
specialist trainers is provided on a
continual basis
The client began outselling their
competitors, increasing market share
by 40%.
Sales achieved increased to 120 - 130%
of target per sales staff, from a low of 20%
increasing market share by 40%.