When workforce restructuring is inevitable, major firms that care about the welfare of their employees, the protection of their employer brand, and the future success of their business need a tailored, exceptional outplacement solution to meet their goals.

Offering outplacement services to exiting employees can have a great positive impact on your brand. Companies that resort to outplacement services to lay off their workforce report an increase in productivity, engagement, and loyalty among remaining employees, and often see profitability rise as well.

Experience World-class Employer Service

We support HR specialists in navigating corporate transformation with assurance, comfort, and superior outcomes. With creative, individualized solutions that provide peace of mind and a significant return on investment, our committed team of sector experts decreases the load before, during, and after workforce transitions.

We offer lifetime cost-saving solutions and best practices guidance to ensure the success of your organization in the future.

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Enabling Employee Transition: A Holistic Approach

A flexible, multi-faceted approach for impacted employees, enabling a smooth transition to the next opportunity.

Dedicated Project Team From Start To Finish

Dedicated Project Team From Start To Finish

We collaborate with your leaders to plan, communicate and support the transition process. From training managers in logistics and communication to providing support and counselling on the day of notification, our Outplacement Service delivery Team ensures your transition is handled professionally and with the utmost respect for the employees being transitioned.

Providing The Best Support For Existing Employees

Providing The Best Support For Existing Employees

By assisting exiting employees to quickly find satisfying jobs in which they can maximize their value, you help ensure they remain supportive of your brand by opting for our Outplacement Services. We provide transitioning employees with:


Personality assessment through a globally validated online personality assessment tool, which helps impacted employees identify the roles they might be comfortable in going forward, their interests, stress behaviours and underlying needs.


Access to our multi-faceted 24/7 online development platform - RightEverywhere® - more than 3,000 online courses, and a host of other valuable features.


One-on-one career coaching with trained and skilled career coaches enables impacted individuals to shift from a "why me" to a "what next" perspective, hones their market strategy, and prepares them to seize the next opportunity that comes their way.

Job Search Support:

Enabling impacted employees to break into the visible job market and uncover hidden opportunities – connecting directly with companies and recruitment firms by leveraging our extensive network of over 10,000 organizations and >200 ManpowerGroup recruiters pan India.

Reporting Transparency

Reporting Transparency

Our Right InTouch client portal gives you MIS on the status of transitioning employees and their ongoing satisfaction with the transition process. Real-time data keeps the project on schedule and provides oversight to your investment in these services.

So if your organisation is planning to lay off your employees and want to ensure that it’s a WIN-WIN situation for your organisation as well as the employee, reach out to us to know how our outplacement services can help you manage change by managing careers.

Why Right Management?

Right Management has more than 40 years of experience in career transition and has worked with large and medium-sized businesses across all sectors of the global economy. Right Management is a market leader in the sector and annually assists over 100,000 employees with their career transitions through its customized solutions.

As Career Enablers, our key focus is to have the candidates undergoing transition be more prepared in approaching the market and cracking the best opportunities that may come their way.

As Transition Experts, we think the primary goal of any transition programme should be to provide career growth, where the only by-product is landing a great job.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re looking for a change or change finds you, easy career transition services by Right Management can bring your vision to life.

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