Extension of the Mobile Medicare Unit and Instruments.

  • 39+ Total no. of clinics
  • 5,586+ Total no. of patients
  • 38+ Awareness camps
  • 5,500+ people impacted

Target Groups

Rural dwellers living below the poverty threshold.
  • Young Mothers
  • Adolescent boys and girls

About the programme

Villages are prone to high mortality rates due to a serious lack of healthcare facilities available to the residents. ManpowerGroup India partnered with Anirban Rural Welfare Society, an NGO, to build a community healthcare system which promotes good fitness habits of the people living below poverty line. Our intervention strategy was based on four strands- Access, Awareness, Action and Advocacy.

How did we do it?

The project was planned in four village areas, covering Gondia Bhadura, Kashipur, Haridaspur and Shankarparulia. It was facilitated through two village Gondia and Kashipur, building a consortium of action groups which worked to meet the health needs of the community. During our intervention, we used needs-based and rights-based approaches to improve the health status of village population.

Our objectives included:

  • An improvement in public understanding of government services and programmes, healthcare, and methods.
  • Empowering communities to take ownership and responsibility over their own health.
  • Facilitating and providing access to healthcare services through clinics.
  • Advocating for improved water and sanitation amenities.


  • Access to thirty nine clinics, where a total of 5586 patients were treated.
  • 610 babies and children with various illnesses received treatment.
  • 2019 adolescents were treated for infections and life-threatening diseases.
  • 2957 adults were treated for respiratory infections among other ailments.