Establishing Extra Marks Smart classes for students with cross-disabilities

Smart classes for students
  • 500+ Children impacted
  • 5+ Smart Classrooms during the lockdown period
  • 5+ Orientation sessions for Teachers during the lockdown period

Target Groups

  • Underprivileged students with and without disabilities

About the programme

Installing E-learning and smart classrooms is a step towards integrating technology in education, helping students have a deeper comprehension of their subjects- significantly raising their test scores. The Smart Classroom Learning Approach offers a nine-step framework and a variety of Smart Thinking Tools to learners of all ages and backgrounds in order to promote smart learning. Children with and without disabilities have access to this facility. In Delhi, ManpowerGroup India teamed up with Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, an NGO to start implementing this transformation for better academic opportunities.

How did we do it?

Teachers were trained for the use of smart boards and how well it can be utilised for teaching even the most complex of topics. Smart boards were installed in classrooms to enhance the learning experience. Extra marks classes were also conducted to encourage students to study and score better. Delhi’s underprivileged now had better learning facilities.


  • 500+ Students were taught through this programme
  • Installing smart classrooms and integrating E-learning trends within the education system helped learners continue their studies even during lockdown period.
  • Teachers were trained for the usage of smart boards and how they can enhance the learning experience for the students.