Career Development and Training

Thursday, August 8, 2019

What is Career Development?

The idea of considering an employee’s career as a whole and designing various sets of formal trainings, developmental activities, and relationships at each of these stages is known as career development.

Career development has evolved over the years and is now an integral part of employment. While the jobs ecosystem is moving towards frequent job -hopping for better job roles and salary packages, creating an atmosphere of growth within the organization makes a solid impact on the high performance employees. A complete career development and training program enables an organization’s high potential employees identify the scope of development and work on their target skills.

Career Development Program for the Millennials

Millennials will be making up 3/4th of the global workforce by 2025 and they are shaping the future of work. A study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that individuals hold an average of 11.3 jobs between the ages of 18 and 46 years. The millennials are well known for their dissatisfaction with the traditional compensation plans and incentive programs. Millennials are more interested in sustainable practices, flexibility, career development programs, trainings that enable them to lead a meaningful career progression instead of moving on with just a new job.

The Secret to designing a career development and training program for the millennials

Engage them: Millennials are not here to just clock those routine nine hours to their retirement.

They want to be involved in some meaningful work they want to deliver. So, is there a magic mantra to keep the Millennials invested and happy? Well, there is.

The acronym MAGIC represents the key elements every organization must nurture in order to restore the engagement levels of the millennials.

Meaning. Autonomy. Growth. Impact. Connection.

Boost them with a purposeful goal setting:

Millennials are not keepers. Organizations must be proactive in considering their broader career goals while designing their performance appraisal programs. They will feel valued and engaged when their own career goals are aligned with those of the organization’s. This makes their work matter. They grow more engaged and therefore, loyal.

Train them to infinity:

Millennials are hungry for knowledge. A career development program that satiates their craving for new strengths and skills to develop professionally and personally will reap better returns in terms of a creative bunch of loyal, motivated and goal oriented employees ready to add value to the organizations bottom line.

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