The Value of Resetting Through Setback

The Value of Resetting Through Setback

For million employees around the world, their jobs may have come to an abrupt halt. They’ve either been put on the bench or are facing permanent layoffs. Some job seekers have rushed back into the job field, looking for new work, adding #OpenToWork on their LinkedIn profile among things.

While it is understandable to not want to stay still, it is also an opportunity to take a deep breath and reevaluate career goals. They need to consider what other skills they need to pivot into new opportunities.

If you find yourself in a similar position, here are some ways to value your setback:

Evaluate your situation

For many employees, financial strength and timing considerations will be important. It helps to start with determining how much time you need before you have to find or start a new job, so you can spend your available time productively. Make a programme of when you need to make decisions - whether it be daily or weekly - so you can prioritize which actions to take such as: taking inventory of your skills, job searching, attending interviews or taking on a new job to receive a salary.

Take stock of career goals

There is a good chance that in the past you had different career goals that took a back seat as you got caught up in the daily grind of work. Now is the perfect time to ask yourself – if/when you resume work, would you want to do the same thing? A good tip would be making a list of what you are looking from your job. This includes perhaps managing a team, acquiring digital skills, or maybe even transitioning to a different field where you find meaning for your abilities and goals.

Upskill and develop your education

While the future of work does feels uncertain right now, we do know that having different soft skills will pay off in the future. The ability to manage a project, build confidence with colleagues, speak in public and other such human skills will be consistently relevant over time even amid changes.

If you have time to bolster your education, you can spend time nurturing and developing these soft skills. Currently, ManpowerGroup is offering 60 days of free access to Percipio, for those interested in online learning.

Cultivate your digital presence

Once you have followed the above steps and decided on the direction you want to take, you can decide how you want to appear to prospective employers or recruiters. You can maintain your digital image by writing a blog, creating an online portfolio and even updating LinkedIn profile. Setting up a strong online presence will help to build and maintain your reputation. You can showcase your offering 60 days of free access to Percipio, for those interested in online learning.

expertise, expand your network and also give prospective employers an opportunity to see your work.

Prepare for the next step

Now, if you’re ready to take a leap of faith, now has never been a better time. Keep your mind focused on growth and adaptation. Once you do own the skills you need, practice interviewing and learning what the recruiter is looking for in their candidates. Be prepared to take the next steps for a career that matches your personal needs, goals as well as talents.

We know that times look dire. People who are starting to either do less work or have been let go off can only see the negative right now. Let’s change that. Let’ us reframe our mindsets into positivity. Change is constant and has been underway in the world of work for years. The disruption of the pandemic accelerated areas that were already evolving. This period can help you productively relaunch into the new world of work.