Ingredient of a Manager's Success

Ingredient of a Manager's Success

Durgesh Bagariya, Branch Manager at Manpower Ahmedabad, shares his experience of a successful career as a manager. Here is what he had to say.

Every successful manager can only be successful because of the team working under them. A manager must have the capability to drive their team to optimum efficiency.

Here are some ways to make a team efficient:

• Sit individually with each team member and try to identify their potential. Each person has different capabilities. Once you have identified their strengths, leverage it to make them successful while you work on their weaknesses.
• Professional and personal life must be balanced. Stay in touch with the personal side of your team members as well and watch for cues that indicate any kind of personal or professional problems faced by your team members. And if they are, try to help them out in whatever way you can.
• Ensure that you create a healthy work environment for them to thrive in. Work towards equal opportunities to all and avoid biases or favouritism.
• Maintain the pressure on your team to the extent that they can tolerate. Each team member responds differently to pressure.
• Create an incentive system over and above the standard incentive plan where you can reward your team when they complete their tasks well. It can tangible or intangible.

A manager has to be more efficient than their team and be innovative in a way to bring out the best in their team.

How do you ensure that you bring out the best in your team? Share your tips too.