3 Ways to Work with an Executive Search Consultant

3 Ways to Work with an Executive Search Consultant

Executive Search Consultants belong to recruitment organisations that are trained to manage C-Level recruitments for organizations. Often, these organisations have experience with sourcing candidates of this stature, and also have a readily available talent pool.

Finding an Executive Search Consultant near you is easy, you either find them through references, or you do a quick Google search. While your first thought might be to connect with the first few listings you see on your search results, it is important to dig a little deeper and find out their credentials and capabilities before you figure out how you can work with them.

Here are three things to consider before you choose your Executive Search Consultant:

Identify Candidate’s Persona

Before you begin searching, it is important for you to understand who you need and what kind of candidate you’re looking for. While job descriptions and work experience are a great start, finding the person with the right personality, culture fitment and aligned to the Management’s expectations is important. Therefore the candidate persona should be well drafted along with a well written document on the organization’s culture and attitude.

Think long-term

The brief document for the Executive Search Consultant needs to contain your long term business goals, market potential and career plan for the C-Level Candidate. Are you looking for someone help your existing teams perform better than they did last quarter or you want exponential growth?

Once you have visibility on the exact person you need to hire, you can then begin approaching Consultants with your requirement.

Consultant’s Awards & Recognition

Find out the clients they have, how many such requirements have they implemented successfully and the number of awards they have received. Working with an organisation who has been recognised and awarded over the years is a safer bet compared to working with an organisation with a good website and great content but no proof of excellence. Experience matters, and experience shows how well they would be able to recruit C-level employees for your organisation. Afterall, they would be representing your organization to an influential candidate who can also be your client in the future if not employee. When it comes to Executive Search, we at ManpowerGroup believe in assisting organisations in building a core team of leaders that are versatile and agile to the market demands. We conduct a thorough market mapping of potential candidates in preferred organizations, conduct a discreet verification drive on his credentials through reliable sources and then share the relevant profile with our clients along with our findings. We bridge the gap between the candidates expectations and the clients goals. Our Executive Search Consultants offer their services to all segments of market but specialize in FMCD, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

What makes us the best?

Our global footprints coupled with 70 years of experience in the field set us apart as an executive search firm.