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  1. ¿Qué estilo tienen para adaptarse a nuevos retos y circunstancias? Descúbranlo aquí: 

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  2. In a skills revolution, learnability will be the great equalizer. 

  3. We must fast-track the upskilling & reskilling of our people to help them prepare for the future. 

  4. We need to create career pathways & training for those impacted by tech change@rightmanagement#wef17

  5. Education needs to teach desire for learning Davos panel moderator says#learnability#wef17

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  6. How do we help employees take care of their career security in new work world?

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  7. Looking forward to Catching Up w/ the New World of Work panel discussion today with @JonasPrising, @OECD's John Evans & @skasriel.

  8. Learnability: the only way to stay relevant in the future workplace 

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    reflects your desire and ability to adapt to a changing workforce. What is your ? @ManpowerGroup

  10. We can't slow tech change — but we can invest in employees’ skills to increase the relevance and resilience of our people.

  11. Organisations need to take immediate action and fast track the upskilling and reskilling of workers. 

  12. Tech change could have a significant impact on the . Now is the time for leaders to be responsive and responsible.

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    2017 has brought the emergence of a revolution. Are you ready? 

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    Learnability—the desire & ability to learn new —is essential for the . What's your LQ? 

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  15. Algunas posiciones será más impactadas que otras por la , ¿estamos preparados?

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  16. El del requerirá diferentes habilidades, necesitamos anticiparnos a resolver las demandas de de mañana.

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